College Visit Guide

Not every college is a good “Fit”, so it is highly recommended that you visit college campuses before you make a final decision about where to attend. Familiarize yourself with the schools website, take a virtual tour, or better yet – spend a day on campus.

Questions for College Reps and/or Tour Guides

  1. What test do you require, the ACT or SAT, and what score must I make in order to qualify for entrance?
  2. May I have a list of all the scholarship options at your university?
  3. How safe is your school? What is your crime rate on and around the campus?
  4. How do you assign faculty advisors to students, especially those who are undecided about a major?
  5. How many students commute to your school?
  6. What types of extra-curricular activities are there on campus?
  7. How accessible are professors outside of class?
  8. How are roommates matched up?
  9. What additional academic services do you offer to students such as tutoring, career counseling, study skills?
  10. What types of internships are offered?
  11. Do you have a study abroad program?
  12. What type of housing is offered?
  13. Are freshman required to live on campus?
  14. What types of intramural programs are offered?
  15. What makes this college better than others?
  16. How does the college evaluate applicants? What weight is given to GPA’s, class rank, SAT/ACT scores? What weight is given to recommendations, essays, interviews, extra-curricular?
  17. How do freshmen register for classes?
  18. How does the college assist students with career planning?

Ask for the Following:

  1. Catalog of courses offered.
  2. College newspaper if they have one.
  3. Schedule of classes for this year.
  4. Schedule of events held this year.